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Best Functional and Integrative Medicine Providers in the South 2023

by Cure For Aging

Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine Providers

The Best Functional Providers in the South
Taz Bhatia

Taz Bhatia, MD
at CentreSpringMD
Atlanta, GA

Uses a functional and integrative approach to get to the root cause of patient's symptoms.

Kristin Oja

Kristin Oja, DNP, FNP-C, IFM
at Stat Wellness
Atlanta, GA

Goal is to ensure that every person leaves STAT Wellness feeling better than when they walked in by doing everything with compassion, integrity, and above all, a serving heart.

Linda McIver

Linda McIver, FNP-C, ABAAHP
at 2UMedical
Atlanta, GA


Tami Singh

Tami Singh, MD
at Aspire Health
Plantation, FL

Based on a vision to provide quality and convenient health care at an affordable cost.

Alejandra Carrasco

Alejandra Carrasco, MD
at Nourish Medicine
Austin, TX

An innovative functional and integrative medicine practice that takes a 360-degree view of your whole health.

Elizabeth Board

Elizabeth Board, MD
at Atlanta Functional Medicine
Alpharetta, GA

Blends the best of traditional medicine with scientifically relevant alternative medicines and therapies to help you reach optimal health.

Jennifer Engles

Jennifer Engles, MD
at WeCare Frisco
Frisco, TX

On a quest to balance optimal health, physical performance, interpersonal relationships, and overall wellbeing.

Craig Tanio

Craig Tanio, MD, FACP, IFMCP
at Rezilir Health
Hollywood, FL

Focused on helping patients reverse chronic conditions

Betty Murray

Betty Murray, MS, CN, IFMCP
at Betty Murray
Dallas, TX

Passionate about helping women overcome changes related to perimenopause and address estrogen dominance.

Cheryl Winter

Cheryl Winter, DCN, FNP-BC, RD
at Vital Health Solutions
Conroe, TX

Functional Medicine Services Designed to Restore Your Optimal Health.

Lynn Flowers

Lynn Flowers, MD
at Flowers Medical
Marietta, GA

Gateway to next-generation medical science, a comprehensive, evidenced-based approach to managing your aging process.

Jennifer Kessmann

Jennifer Kessmann, MD
at Jennifer Kessmann
Dallas, TX

Solutions to health issues through adjustments to lifestyle and unique dietary advice that can help minimize inflammation.

Christina O Brien

Christina O Brien, DC
at Complete Health & Wellness
Lewisville, TX

Focused on helping people get and stay well naturally.

David Haase

David Haase, MD
at MaxWell Clinic
Brentwood, TN

Committed to finding and addressing the root causes of your illness so you can achieve maximum wellness.

Deborah Bain

Deborah Bain, MD
at Healthy Kids Pediatrics
Frisco, TX

Raising healthy kids into healthy adults through an integrative, root cause approach to symptoms.

Tricia O'Brien

Tricia O'Brien, MD, IFMCP
at Tricia O'Brien
Frisco, TX

Provides an evidence-based, holistic-minded, and person-centered approach to medicine.

Oscar Sierra

Oscar Sierra, LAC, CH, RH
at Sierra Botanica & Collaborative Medicine
Sandy Springs, GA

Connecting Old-School Wisdom with Modern Functional Medicine.

Chyrl Mosley

Chyrl Mosley, NP
at The Fork Functional Medicine
Franklin, TN

We consider the whole person when assessing a patient's needs and developing a plan of care.

Jorge Bordenave

Jorge Bordenave, MD
at Dr. Bordenave
Miami, FL

A healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind and spirit), including all aspects of their lifestyle.

Benjamin Johnston

Benjamin Johnston, MD
at Progressive Medical Center
Atlanta, GA

Offers functional, integrative, and holistic medicine for the whole family.

Susan Attel

Susan Attel, NP
at Carpathia Collaborative
Dallas, TX

Passionate to support the next generation to live healthy, balanced lives through integrative, functional health practices.

Cintia Paz

Cintia Paz, MD
at Paz Medical
Cooper City, FL

Our primary care physicians are ready to fight for your health. We treat you like family!

Krishna Doniparthi

Krishna Doniparthi, MD
at Functional Medicine Georgia
Alpharetta, GA

patient-centered clinic focused on advancing our understanding of the uniqueness of individual patients and the intricacies of their health challenges.

Suzanne Ferree Turner

Suzanne Ferree Turner, MD, FAARM, FSSR
at Vine Medical
Roswell, GA

Finally leave chronic wellness issues behind and enjoy vibrant health.

Tassie Hargrove

Tassie Hargrove, BS, DC
at Holistic Wellness Center of Savannah
Savannah, GA

Emphasizes the Role of Nutrition, Lifestyle, Self Care and Prevention.

Contessa Metcalfe

Contessa Metcalfe, MD, MSPH
at Chastain Integrative Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Provides empathetic care that promotes healing and helps patients look and feel their personal best.

Sonza Curtis

Sonza Curtis, Ph.D., IFMC, PA
at Three D Wellness
Roswell, GA

Regain your health through functional medicine and integrative wellness in a stress-free and calm environment.

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