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Best Functional and Integrative Medicine Providers in Dallas 2023

by Cure For Aging
The Best Functional Providers in Dallas
Jennifer Engles

Jennifer Engles, MD
at WeCare Frisco
Frisco, TX

On a quest to balance optimal health, physical performance, interpersonal relationships, and overall wellbeing.

Betty Murray

Betty Murray, MS, CN, IFMCP
at Betty Murray
Dallas, TX

Passionate about helping women overcome changes related to perimenopause and address estrogen dominance.

Jennifer Kessmann

Jennifer Kessmann, MD
at Jennifer Kessmann
Dallas, TX

Solutions to health issues through adjustments to lifestyle and unique dietary advice that can help minimize inflammation.

Christina O Brien

Christina O Brien, DC
at Complete Health & Wellness
Lewisville, TX

Focused on helping people get and stay well naturally.

Deborah Bain

Deborah Bain, MD
at Healthy Kids Pediatrics
Frisco, TX

Raising healthy kids into healthy adults through an integrative, root cause approach to symptoms.

Tricia O'Brien

Tricia O'Brien, MD, IFMCP
at Tricia O'Brien
Frisco, TX

Provides an evidence-based, holistic-minded, and person-centered approach to medicine.

Susan Attel

Susan Attel, NP
at Carpathia Collaborative
Dallas, TX

Passionate to support the next generation to live healthy, balanced lives through integrative, functional health practices.

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